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Asian art
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Would like a valuation of Ch'ing Dynasty Painting for an estate. Has been in the family for at least 100 years if my information is correct. Would potentially like assistance in sale, artwork is near NYC. Note on back says: "Period: Ch'ien-Lung A.D. 1736-1795 Signed and attributed to the artist Liu Shun"

Answered within 2 days
By David U.
Oct 30, 13:21 UTC
Fair Market Value
$1,500 - $3,500 USD
Suggested Asking Price $2,000 USD
What does this mean?

Hello Nik,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry and for the new images.

Based on the images and information you provided, this item is:

A Ch'ing Dynasty Liu Shun Painting. The Ch'ing Dynasty painting attributed to Liu Shun is a rare gem in the world of Chinese art, characterized by its meticulous attention to detail and the distinctive artistic style of the period. The work, which is widely believed to be a creation of the acclaimed artist Liu Shun, showcases a breathtaking landscape that transports viewers to a scene of ethereal beauty. Liu Shun's brushwork, in this painting, is extraordinary, with finely nuanced shades of ink and remarkable precision in rendering the landscape.

The painting is distinguished by its portrayal of a secluded mountain retreat during the Ch'ing Dynasty, a testament to Liu Shun's exceptional skill in capturing the essence of nature. The use of ink wash techniques in rendering the landscape is exquisite, with various shades of black and gray creating a sense of depth and perspective. The meticulous depiction of mist-shrouded mountains, winding streams, and architectural structures reflects the Ch'ing Dynasty's fascination with harmony between man and nature.

Despite the attribution to this artist, unfortunately there is no information regarding this artist. Retail prices may vary.

Very good condition

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