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Ceramics & Porcelain
San Diego, ca USA
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2 tea cups, with lids/saucers. White in color, with gold floral design and gold band, and gold interiors.


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By David U.
Jun 09, 10:45 UTC
Fair Market Value
$1,000 - $1,500 USD
Insurance Value $0 USD
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A beautful set of white-golden porcelain 19th century, late Joseon Dynasty style, set of 2 tea cups with saucers. Porcelain may be defined broadly as high-fired, vitrified, and translucent white ceramic. Often the raw materials include kaolin (a type of white clay) and petuntse (also called Chinastone). In Korean, porcelain is known as baekja, or white ware. This remarkable ware belongs to the white porcelain development during the Joseon Dynasty.

Buddhist designs such as lotus flowers and willow trees prevailed in celadon wares. The form most often seen was that of pear-shaped bottles; also notable were thinner glazes and colorless glazes for buncheong or stoneware.

Signed. Very good condition and with documents.
Provenance: Unknown
*1000 - 1500$
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