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Asian art
Derry USA
Description from user:

Asian 4 panel silk screen. Frame is black painted wood and back appears to be canvas of some sort.

Parents purchased screen in Hong Kong in the 70s

Answered within about 17 hours
By David U.
Nov 09, 14:43 UTC
Fair Market Value
$300 - $400 USD
Insurance Value $0 USD
What does this mean?

Hello Cheryl,

I’m very glad that you chose Mearto for your online appraisal once again.
Considering the photos, this item is:

A Japanese silk screen, 4 panel screen (48” x 24”) decorated with white and red flowers (dark green leaves) (四十雀 (Shijûkara)), a typical Japanese symbol of protection, Chinese-style. It is in good condition. The motifs were often painted on silk. The mounting takes place on paper, the "frame" forms a brocade border.

Screens were used as diplomatic gifts. ‘From the late medieval period onward, they were sent in considerable numbers to China and to Korea. The subject of the screen paintings could often be interpreted as a message to the recipient.

Many well-known motives were often copied and also provided with the original signature. 
That is why it is difficult even to assign the motifs or signature exactly but according to the details this is from circa 20th century.

$ 300 - 400
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