Sculpted head of Buddha. Cambodian.

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Tarpon Springs, Florida USA
Description from user:

Statue has been lovingly carved from a single piece of stone, perhaps basalt. I have no idea of it’s age. I believe it originally stood in a temple niche. Left side of face has very slight lightening of the stone due to exposure to the sun. Corresponding back corner of base has slight discoloration due to mildew in niche. Back of hair shows same presence of mildew, probably because the stone touched the back of the niche. Statue is slightly over 7 inches tall, head is 5 inches round and base is 4 inches square. All one piece.

I bought the item from a private collector, over 50 years ago. To the best of my knowledge, he had owned it for many years prior to my acquiring it from him. I have no knowledge of it’s ever being exhibited.

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Dec 11, 05:40 UTC
By s.k. Breider

Fair Market Value

€50 - €150 EUR

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$0 EUR
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Dear James,

I'm sorry for the delay, I missed your message.

Your Statue is a later copy of an old 'Head of Buddha' mainly found in southern Cambodia. Color and carving and also wear are not as what you would like to see in an original piece. Nevertheless it is a nice and well made copy. There is alway's demand for Buddhist objects so I think if your Buddha head came to auction it could make a price around the estimate I gave you.

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