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Approximately 46" long, Handle, Blade & Scabboard seem in good condition. Handle has bamboo pin that i removed to try to identify the markings on Tang. That is where i got stuck, I've had the items for about 5 years. It was unclaimed for 10 + years previous to my possession from storage facility.


Answered within 4 days
By s.k. Breider
Jan 04, 13:44 UTC
Fair Market Value
$800 - $1,100 USD
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What does this mean?

Dear Scott

Your Katana or Japanese sword is made in first half 20th century. Katana's are traditional Japanese swords in this form dating back hundreds of years. Although the purpose of 'modern' Katana is ceremonial it is made to kill. Its a weapon. These swords were carried by higher ranked staff in Japanese army. The condition is fair, some corrosion but I believe the value will not be effected that much by it. The bronze Tsuba or Sword guard is usually casted with lovely dragons or other decoration and is a collectors domain on its own.

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