Coral and Bryzoa Fossil

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Natural History & Geology
El Paso USA
Description from user:

I found fossil rocks like these in a very limited area in El Paso, TX. I am wondering if they have any value since I have not been able to locate any like these online.

Found it while hiking in the desert with my dogs.

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By Amber R
Nov 18, 23:26 UTC
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Coral and Bryzoa Fossil Stone.
Pennsylvanian Period (323.2 million years ago–298.9 million years ago)
Northern Texas, Southwestern United States.
Dark fossil colony embedded in a limestone matrix. Measurements: 3 1.3 inch x 2 inch, unknown weight.
This book, free to download from Project Gutenburg, looks to be a good introductory resource for the Texas region of the US for fossil identification.

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