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Ceramics & Porcelain
ga USA
Description from user:

bright orange vase, appears to have a fish scale pattern and a usa ceramics on the bottom with a B and the # 601 there is also another writing under all that but I am not able to read it.

I found it in my Grandaddy's barn while cleaning it out. It had been there for years. I am sure it belonged to my grandmother but do not know where she got it from. She saved alot of her mothers and grandmothers items.

Answered within 2 days
By Denizalp D.
May 31, 21:59 UTC
Fair Market Value
$50 - $100 USD
Suggested Asking Price $50 USD
What does this mean?

Hello Lori,

I’m very glad that you chose Mearto for your online appraisal,

Considering the photographs, overall pattern, ceramic and the colours, I concluded that this is a Hand Made American Ceramic Bowl in style of some mid-century Californian Ateliers. The piece was likely made in the period from mid 1950's to late 1970's. When we observe the finishings and the style we can see that this piece quite close to some pieces from the ceramic atelier of Judy of California. The mark on the bottom is different and there are some small differences such as the unglazed base rim but this resemblance might a sign of the possible origin. On the bottom of the piece we can see serial numbers and a "USA" writing as well as a "B" mark at the centre. On the database this mark is unidentified, there was a lot of ateliers and artists that produced ceramic in the mid-century therefore it is very hard to track back to less famous brands and artists. The piece was characterized by a very mustard tone of yellow and fish skin embossed decoration to it's exterior. The piece is quite asymmetrical at some points which is due to it's hand made nature. The piece is in good condition without any visible chips or cracks.

Hand Made.

Dimensions: Unknown.

Condition: The piece is in good condition without any visible chips or cracks.

Provenance: Found in the customer's grandfathers barn while cleaning it, likely belonged to the customer's grandmother.

Decorated by a fish skin pattern.


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