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Japanese Authentic Original hand Painted screen - fine silk in gold leaf Border - silk brocade Painting Artist - Sano Shunsen (1923) Mounting artist - Matsuki Jimyosai (1930) Both master artists Made 1988. Gorgeous lake scene artwork. This piece folds or extends as per the photos and has pieces for and instructions for wall hanging. Shiny gold leaf in fine silk. This piece stands on the floor or furniture and will create an amazing house entry or dining/lounge room piece. Acquired in 1988. Dimensions 64 inches wide in full display. 24 inches high.

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By Amber R
Aug 27, 20:47 UTC
Fair Market Value
$800 - $1,500 USD
Suggested Asking Price $1,200 USD
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Traditional Japanese Byobu Showa
Silk, Four Panel, Screen with Gold Leaf
Japanese, 1988
An excellent example of a late 20th century work by Japanese traditional artists. A silk brocade painting mounted as a four panel screen with a gold leaf border. Depicts a traditional fishing village landscape with thatched roof buildings near a water line with forest and mountains in the background. The coloration is ochre and green tones. Signature at lower left. Painter is Sano Shunsen (1923). The artist trained and worked under: Shunko Mochizuki (1893); who's works are held in the collection of the national Museum of Modern Art, Toyoko. Mounting artist - Matsuki Jimyosai (1930). A byobu style screen functioned as protection against the wind coming in from traditional home openings. In addition the screens served to divide large open spaces into more intimate and private areas, often for the purposes of dressing or sleeping. Excellent condition with certificates of manufacture. Dimensions: 24" Height; 63" width (at full extension).

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