Old amber necklace

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amber jewelry
Skopje, North Macedonia MKD
Description from user:

Amber necklace that contains 5 larger pieces of amber, and 25 smaller pieces connected by metal pieces (most likely stainless steel, but I'm not sure). Here's a gallery of photos (it's a OneDrive link) - closeups are taken over a small blacklight lamp https://1drv.ms/u/s!AoiLCHVZ5tgKg_FAfiFdDJ9zpbxljw?e=7kbaeq

It belonged to my grandmother, so I'd say is at least 40+ years old. As my mother told me, she thinks that it was either bought or brought to her from Russia.

Answered within 2 days
By Jonty C.
Jun 14, 14:12 UTC
Fair Market Value
$400 - $600 USD
Suggested Asking Price $900 USD
What does this mean?

An Amber Necklace, 20th Century, Baltic
composed of 5 larger oval drilled beads interspaced with 25 smaller pieces connected by white metal links, possibly silver.

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