Oil painting Still Life signed Levier

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Granite Bay, california USA
Description from user:

Appears to be an oil painting on stiff backing signed Levier bottom right

Answered within about 10 hours
By Gregory
May 03, 06:56 UTC
Fair Market Value
$300 - $600 USD
Suggested Asking Price $500 USD
What does this mean?

Dear Joann,

Thank you for your help and patience. My sincere apologies for the delay with the appraisal.

The presented object appears to be a painting made in oil or acrylic paint on mansonite or board with 30 x 10 inches measurements. The painting depicts a still life with a flower in a vase. It is signed with the name Levier and was made by Charles LEVIER (1920-2003)
Comparable objects were recently offered and sold on the international auction market.
This piece is in good condition and no severe damage is visible in the images provided.
A fair market estimation would be between 300 to 600 USD.
This estimate is based on actual recent past recorded auction sales of comparable items. Retail "asking prices" can be higher and may vary.

With kind regards,

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