Nursing stone figurehead

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Asian art
Boulder, Colorado USA
Description from user:

I have a collection of about 50 small-to-medium statues from around the world which depict the mother-child nursing relationship. This one in particular has taxed my imagination as to what this is or was going to be or would be used for. It seems to me that it looks like the back end of it is made to fit into something, but a friend suggested that it may have been that they just never finished and they were going to carve feet at the back. It's very heavy (soapstone? granite?), she is about 8 inches long, and weights 2pounds3ounces, and is clearly hand carved. Unfortunately I have no idea of her background or where she came from, as I purchased her through eBay about 20 years ago, before I realized that some day I would want this information. :-(

Sadly, I just don't know, I bought her on eBay 20+ years ago.

Answered within about 4 hours
By David U.
Jun 01, 22:44 UTC
Fair Market Value
$900 - $1,500 USD
Insurance Value $2,400 USD
What does this mean?

Dear Anne,

Thank you for contacting Mearto with your appraisal inquiry and for your patience.

This piece is a possible, granite motherly figure of Cambodian - Indonesian style, probably made mid 20th century. This type of pieces were made for Western collectors specially and have a powerful symbol of protection and fertility attached to it.

This is a rare piece, in very good condition and hand-carved.

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