Noritake China Set “The Venice”

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Ceramics & Porcelain
Hingham USA
Description from user:

1 Pitcher 4.75” tall (2 small chips on top rim, 1 larger chip on bottom rim) 6 Plates 6.5” (as close to mint as it gets. One has 2 tiny gold manufacturer’s errors on the bottom) 6 Plates 7.25” (4 near mint, one with a 3/4”chip on top, one with some very tiny gold band loss.”flecking?”) 5 Plates 8.25” 4 are very close to mint, again with tiny “breaks” or the opposite of “flecks” missing in the gold band. One with a sizable (1”x .5”) chip on top. 5 Saucers (very, very near that they are not straight out of the box and weren’t kept in a temperature controlled environment. But they weren’t used.) 2 Teacups (near mint, appearing unused) 1 Round platter with handles. (Excellent, some very minor wear on the gold of the handles, could just be from age rather than use)

My mother owned it. It was a wedding gift which she thought was too precious to use because of the gold and how fast she moved her whole life…the chips I mentioned above were surely from her hand cleaning them…and the missing pieces were probably broken by her. She got the Franciscan apple pattern set to use for every day (which my sister inherited, new pieces added over the years and is a MESS with chips) We had a built in corner, glass faced chest in our breakfast room and the Noritake came out of the boxes and into the chest in 1972 and remained there until 1992-ish when it was boxed up by me and placed in her attic during reconstruction. She moved twice with professional movers and placed the box in her attic at her last home saving it for me because I always loved it. She passed in 2020 and I drove from FL to MA with the box at that time. Today I unboxed it.

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By Denizalp D.
May 21, 02:19 UTC
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$250 - $300 USD
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What does this mean?

Hello Shannon,

I’m very glad that you chose Mearto for your online appraisal,

Considering the photographs, overall pattern, porcelain quality and the colours, I concluded that this is a Japanese Noritake Porcelain Dinner Service. The piece dates back to the period between 1922-1940. Likely circa 1930. The dinner service is decorated accordingly to The Venice pattern. This pattern was used only for two time periods and with two different variations. The first series was accompanied by golden giltwork to pieces' rims and handles and was produced between 1922-1940, while the other The Venice pattern was accompanied by silver work to pieces' rims and handles later in the early 70's to 80's. This set of yours of course is the first type. This pattern is characterized by floral motifs shaping around yellow central flowers, a sort of simplified interpretation of the Venetian deocrative style. The set is composed of a total of 26 pieces as stated:

1 Pitcher 4.75 Inches Tall with two small chips on the rim, one more larger chip on bottom. 6 Plates 6.5 Inches of Diameter. 6 Plates 7.25 Inches of Diameter four of them flawless, one with a 3/4 Inches chip on top, one with some very tiny gilt wear. 5 Plates 8.25 Inches of diameter, four are very close to flawless with minor signes of use and age, one with a sizable 1 ınches to 0.5 Inches chip on top. 5 Saucers in unused condition. 2 Teacups in unused condition. 1 Round platter with handles.

The piece is in generally fair condition with various chips and cracks due to use and age. The sentimental value of this piece is of course far beyond our reach of evaluation.

Printed Design from Noritake Company.

Dimensions: 26 Pieces.

Condition: The piece is in generally fair condition with various chips and cracks due to use and age.

Provenance: It was a wedding gift to the current owner's mother, inherited upon her death in 2020.

Decorated by The Venice pattern.


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