Shark Tooth Fossil or Semi-Fossil

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San Francisco USA
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I received this tooth as a gift from a family member overseas. I was told that it belonged to a Magalodon, but I have not been able to find anything comparable. I was told that it was discovered in lime stone which helped to preserve the tooth.

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By Amber R
Apr 28, 18:03 UTC
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What does this mean?

The Tooth of a Megalodon
Megaselachus megalodon
Early Miocene to Pliocene
South Pacific

From images; what appears to be a large shark tooth, permineralized into dark grey and brown hues. Excellent condition with tip and serrations in what appear to be prefect condition with little loss. Extracted from a limestone matrix and polished with a possible varnish applied to the surface. This would make an excellent display with metal stand fabricated to suspend the specimen. Measures 14 inches in length.

To confirm authenticity; I would suggest taking the specimen for an in-person valuation. I would suggest contacting a local library or University department. I would also suggest “The Fossil Forum”: is open to research and asking questions on fossils. While posing a question on the form is open to all responses; many are well researched and provide additional peer reviewed articles. After being able to confirm authenticity the FMV may increase.

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