Large Ammonite Fossil

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Natural History & Geology
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This is a large Ammonite 24 lb fossil. Great condition. Passed down from my father found possibly in Texas.

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By Amber R
Sep 23, 02:14 UTC
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Natural Large Ammonite Fossil
Cretaceous Period (100 million years ago)
Excavation believed to be North America, Southwest United States, Texas

Ammonite fossils are often found in sedimentary rocks, such as limestone and shale, formed from the mud and sand that accumulated on the bottoms of ancient oceans.
A common fossil to find in Texas, especially in the north-central part of the state. If this is from Texas I believe it is the species Eopachydiscus or Oxytropidoceras.

This example is in excellent condition with well defined edges. Fossils are beautiful and fascinating objects and this specimen is already cleaned and prepared for display. Measurements: 14 inches Length x 11 inches Width x 6 inches Height; 24 pounds.

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