Vintage Stoneware Crock "Ice Tea" Cooler Dispenser

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Ceramics & Porcelain
Brewster New York USA
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By Amber R
Mar 15, 16:43 UTC
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$75 - $150 USD
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Vintage Stoneware Crock "Ice Tea" Cooler Dispenser
Late 20th Century (1960s 1970s)
Unknown manufacture

Vintage Stoneware Crock Ice Tea Cooler Dispenser with plastic spout and wood dowel and wire handle. A brown transfer glaze decal states the intended use for the crock to be "Ice Tea". An impression on top of the button handled lid (illegible due to gaze fill) designates the container size. A commercially marketed product of the late 1960's or early 1970's. A great example for a stoneware collection or great to use for water or "Ice Tea". Container measurement approximately 22 inches height x 11 inches width; a three gallon container. The plastic spigot appears to be in working order. Good, functioning condition; with some minor marks on the non-glazed base surface of the crock and negligible surface ware, commiserate with age.

"Ice Tea" vs "Iced Tea" ?

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