Silicified Tabulate Coral Fossil

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Clarksville, TN USA
Description from user:

I am in Tennessee. I have found a large colonial reef coral that has fossilized and crystallized. It weights 2.4 lbs

Answered within about 19 hours
By Amber R
Mar 15, 19:13 UTC
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$40 - $75 USD
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Silicified Tabulate Coral Fossil
Ordovician to Permian Period (438-458 million years old)
Excavation origin: Eastern North America, US, Tennessee

A large Favoscite specimen. White and cream silicate surface with a well defined 'honeycomb' form. An excellent selection for an ornamental display. Specimen measurements: 6 inches length x 4 1/2 inches width x 3 1/2 inches height; 2.4 lbs.

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