Fossil with 24k gold and other metal alloys

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It’s a shell fossil made of Gold, Silver, and Copper. It’s a shell. From Raton, New Mexico. Approximately 250,000,000 million years old. Can not carbon date because that would involve destroying it.

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By Amber R
Oct 26, 02:06 UTC
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Brachiopod Shell Fossil
Possible Paleozoic
Excavation: North America, Southwest, New mexico (possible Raton Formation)

A brachiopod fossil with inclusions of mica, and other minerals; possible gold and copper set in the shale formation. It is possible that this example is a chert nodule. However; even in images the distinct delthyrium form, outer ribs, and line of symmetry are present in the form. I agree not only could carbon dating destroy the specimen; it is common enough to be identified by looking at other example in a University geology collection or though research with a rock and gemology society. I suggest an in-person valuation with a regional University or Natural History organization for additional information and to identify if trace minerals such as gold are present in the object. Measurements: 3 5/8" Height x 3/4" Width x 2 3/4" Length, Unknown weight.

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