Fish by John Petrie done in 1896

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Mentone, Alabama USA
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Prints of 4 fish, copyright 1896 by William C. Harris, sold by Esquire Galleries Inc. by Ray Lipps, Pres.

Antique shop in LaGrange Georgia

Answered within about 8 hours
By Nora Curl
May 22, 23:33 UTC
Fair Market Value
$100 - $200 USD
Insurance Value $0 USD
What does this mean?

These are antique late 19th century, 1896, color print reproduction of paintings of fish specimens by fishing and sport illustrator, J.L. Petrie William Charles Harris (1830 - 1905) was the editor and author of books on identifying fish. These prints of images from the book were rendered as 'reproduction in facsimile by Armstrong & Co of the Riverside Press in Cambridge Massachusetts. The estimate is for all 4 prints together and is based on actual recent past recorded auction sales of comparables. Retail 'asking prices' can be higher and vary.

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