Buddhist head from India approximately 2,000 2,500 yrs old greystone

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Buddha statues
Boise Idaho USA
Description from user:

5" H 3.5 " W greystone

gifted from close friend who was from Pakistan. Lineage traced back to when area was India.

Answered within 6 days
By s.k. Breider
Dec 11, 05:39 UTC
Fair Market Value
$100 - $200 USD
Insurance Value $0 USD
What does this mean?

Dear Patrick,

I am sorry to say that also the second opinion I asked is consistent with my own opinion; this is a recent copy of an older artifact. Face is done well but the hair is done with machine and is really done in a rough way. Also the details are not what I want to see. So you have a copy of an Indian hard stone Buddha head made in 20th century. There is decorative value involved but no antique value. If your buddha head came to auction I would expect it to fetch a price around the estimate I stated above.

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