A beautiful hand-knotted 1975-1980’s Portuguese Needlepoint Stark rug 8’ x 10

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I purchased this Stark rug at the Stark dealer at The Merchandise Mart in Chicago in the early to mid 1990’s for $8,000.00. The pattern is flowers. Background is black. 25 other colors in the rug include rose, mauve, coral, various shades of green, yellow, lilac and blue. The tag on the back of the rug does not say what the rug is made of. It just says… Quality: H.35ON (or 0N) Design: SP.4 Pile Content: LOOP (Needlepoint) Country of Origin: Thailand Serial# EX.0065/93 E.0119-36 H.53970

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By David U.
May 18, 15:08 UTC
Fair Market Value
$7,500 - $9,000 USD
Insurance Value $0 USD
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Based on the images and available information, this item is:

A beautiful hand-knotted 1975-1980s Portuguese Needlepoint Stark rug 8'x10' inches. This is a hand made Needlepoint rug.

These type of rugs were normally produced in Portugal from 1970s to late 1990s.

Very good condition.

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