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Long Beach, California USA
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14 sodalite beads, 2 black onyx beads, 3 chrysocolla beads.

Many of the pieces had been collected through the years by my grandfather and by my great grandfather Engr. Julio Rivadeneyra who lived in northern Peru central coast near Chiclayo. They have been privately purchased and/or gifted by family members who loved collecting like his cousin, Carlos Williams Leon who was a Peruvian architect and archeologist.

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By Jonty C.
Jan 21, 10:27 UTC
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$120 - $150 USD
Suggested Asking Price $300 USD
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A Gem-set Necklace, Peruvian, 20th Century,
composed of 14 cylinder shape sodalite, 2 black onyx and 3 chrysocolla beads, 54cm.

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