Axminster rug

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Des Moines USA
Description from user:

22"x38". Label is worn on the back and there is some black marks on the back but otherwise its in great condition.

Someone threw it away.

Answered within 6 days
May 16, 00:16 UTC
By Denizalp D.

Fair Market Value

$30 - $50 USD

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$30 USD
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Hello Tina,

I’m very glad that you chose Mearto for your online appraisal,

Considering the photographs, overall pattern, knot density and the colours, I concluded that this is a Machine Made Smaller Axminster Rug. The piece dates back to the period between 1960-1990. Rug is decorated with floral motifs inside divided panels. Axminster is a very widely known brand in carpet manufacturing and their antique, hand knotted pieces are worth considerably small fortunes. But this piece of yours is a mass produced machine made rug, door mat without any hand work. The piece was likely used as a door mat for the past years. The patterns of the piece depicts three different types of flowers with colourful palettes. The piece also has star motifs alongside floral ones in it's decoration. It is likely made of cotton and various fibers, some plastic like material. The piece does not have an antique or artistic value. The piece is in fair condition with visible signes of age and use.

Machine Made.

Dimensions: 22 Inches by 38 Inches

Condition: The piece is in fair condition with visible signes of age and use.

Provenance: Someone Threw The Rug Away.


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