Loose Ametrine Octagon Faceted 65 carat Gemstone

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Natural History, Fossils & Geology
Zachary, La USA
Description from user:

Ametrine semi precious Has a weight of about 65ct Has been faceted


Answered within about 22 hours
Aug 09, 18:04 UTC
By Amber R

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$50 - $150 USD

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$125 USD
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Loose Ametrine Octagon Faceted 65 carat Gemstone

A clear ametrine quartz gem; in a rectangular faceted shape (asscher cut) that reveals a good representation of the clear amethyst and citrine color variation the stone is prized for. Ametrine is found in large sections and price of this type of stone does not often increase with larger size and weight, rather, with the manipulation of cut to exhibit the best of the color change for jewelry settings. No inclusions are visible. It is not noted if the gem is heat treated or manufactured. One is unable to tell from images alone if these enhancements have been made to this example. Weight is noted at 65ct with unidentified dimensions.

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