Prewar Lionel passenger train set

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Model trains
Las Vegas, NV USA
Description from user:

We are submitting a freight train set as well. We would love input on the best way to divide the sets (which pieces go with each set). Use our description quantities from the list if the photos show a different quantity. 390 Lionel Engine Coal car/tender – gray 2 passenger cars – green Box car – green 10 curved tracks 16” each 14 straight tracks 15” each 2 straight tracks 7” each 4 switches 210 illuminated 16 “pins” 4”

My passed last year at 83. They were his sets from when he was a kid, and we used to play with both sets when I was kid. There was an elaborate, multi-track system set up with it :).

Answered within 7 days
By Trey
Dec 09, 18:02 UTC
Fair Market Value
$650 - $750 USD
Insurance Value $0 USD
What does this mean?

Based on the photographs and information provided, the subject of this appraisal is a pre-war period (1901 to 1942) Standard-Gauge Lionel Train set. The overall condition based on photographs is good used condition, with cars appearing to have been restored with fresh paint apparent on some pieces. The pieces included in the set and their corresponding Fair Market Values are estimated as follows:

Black Locomotive, Model 390 and tender, good original condition, $500
3 Green Passenger Cars (309 Pullman Car, a 312 Observation Car, and a 310 Railway Mail Car) in restored condition, $50 to $100

10 pieces 16" Curve Track, $10 to $20
14 pieces 15" Straight Track, $10 to $20
2 pieces 7" Straight Track, $5 to 10
4 switches (2 pair), 210, $75 to $100

Combined Fair Market Value (a pre-auction estimate) of this portion of the collection falls in a range of $650 to $750.

Combined FMV of the entire collection across two separate appraisals is approximately $2,250 to $3,150.

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