14 k cameo with 5 diamonds

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14 k cameo with 5 diamonds, 4 small larger Center diamond, jeweler inspected genuine diamonds, unusual hardstone cameo, possible onyx white background brown figure. Marked picotdi ? 14k Left facing, male East Indian prince?

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By Jonty C.
Mar 01, 06:54 UTC
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$800 - $1,000 USD
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A Rare 14 k Gold Hardstone Cameo Brooch, Last Quarter of the 19th Century, Italian
collet-set with an oval brown agate cameo carved to depict a left facing Indian Maharaja the open scroll surround with diamond set fleur-de-lys motif surmount, the frame applied with a makers mark " Picotdi 14k" , 46.45 x 41.7 mm

Cameos have a very important place in Italian history, culture and lifestyle. The art of Cameo-making, called "Glittica", is one of the most ancient arts of humanity and an art that has had its golden moments in Italy over the centuries.

During the Roman Empire, for example, Cameos served to emphasize one’s social status, while in Florentine Renaissance and the Neoclassicism period, the Cameo was an object of desire, and highly prized for privileged tourists during the Grand Tour of Italy.

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