Meet Mearto.

Meet Mearto.

Mearto provides quick and affordable online appraisals of fine art, antique and collectible items.

From the comfort of your home and with the click of a button, get an expert’s opinion on the value your treasured item. We also offer opportunities to authenticate and sell items with our partners.

Our Story

Once upon a time in Copenhagen...

Once upon a time in Copenhagen...

Mearto was born in 2015 in a trendy tech start-up space known as The Founder's House on Islands Brygge, Copenhagen. Co-founders Mads Hallas Bjerg and Johan Laidlaw, successful young entrepreneurs with backgrounds in data science and digital media and a shared passion for collecting, were frustrated by their own efforts to estimate the value of certain items, so they set out to find a solution.

Mads and Johan personally visited and compiled data from all of Europe's leading auction houses. They also spoke with hundreds of industry experts and surveyed thousands of collectors to determine both the immediate and longterm needs of the market.

Their conclusion was that quick, affordable and accurate appraisals require the marriage of human and machine.

Mearto Co-Founders
Johan Laidlaw (Left) & Mads Hallas Bjerg (Right)

Our Vision

By combining the knowledge and experience of our specialists with rapidly advancing data science and imaging technology, we are able to offer an appraisal service like no other. We've made the process faster and more affordable, and are able to strike the perfect balance between the accuracy of machines and subjectivity of the human eye, both equally necessary for the valuation of fine art and collectible items.

We started with the question “What is it worth?” Now what keeps us up at night are questions like “How will technology continue to improve the appraisal process?” and, most importantly, “How can our service be of greater benefit to our customers?” Thankfully, we are not alone in our vision. Our valued team of investors also believes in the potential of Mearto to benefit millions of people by making the art and collectibles market more accessible and transparent.

We extend our gratitude to all our investors, who continue to support us on this mission:

Seier Capital, PreSeed Ventures & Bumble Ventures

Our Team

Of course, Mearto wouldn't exist without our team of talented, internationally-based specialists who work around the clock to provide fast and affordable online appraisals. All of our specialists have experience or currently work in an auction house or private appraisals practice.

Mearto Manging Director,
Lindsey Bourret

Daily operation and expansion of the brand is led by Lindsey Bourret, an American expat who joined the Mearto team in 2019, and quickly put her background in the fine art market to work by developing our best-selling authentication research services.

If you'd like to discuss partnership opportunities, learn more about Mearto's affiliate program, or just say hello, you can reach out to Lindsey by email at:

[email protected].

Other essential supporting roles are filled by Maybelle Cadag, Nick Balenok, Karine Sarant-Hawkins and Leah Illingsworth.

Maybelle Cadag

Customer Support

Nick Balenok

Software Engineer

Karine Sarant-Hawkins

Sales & Research

Leah Illingsworth

Content Strategist